Body positivity

Today I want to introduce you to my ‘mannequins’ , one is hand made, the other one is made of flesh and bones, actually it is me!  

I am showing those pics because yesterday I virtually met some gorgeous girls and we were talking about curvy models and extra large sizes and I started wondering… ”Hey but…we are humans afterall! We are real and we are unique as we are!”  

And clothes are made for real people, not for mannequins! 

I am made of my fat, my stretch marks, my unwanted hair, my cellulitis, my asymmetry etc.  

But this has nothing to do with WHO I AM. 

Am I less smart because of my stretch marks? 

Am I less capable because of my white hair? 

Am I less reliable for the people who love me because of my weight? 

Absolutely not! 

So let’s make peace with our body! 

Let’s be grateful for our legs and backs that support ourselves!  

Let’s be grateful for our arms because they allow us to strongly hug who we love! 

Let’s love ourselves and let’s be happy for all the perfect imperfections that make us who we are! 

And please remember: if you do not find your size it is because the fashion industry is not inclusive and it is completely wrong, it is ITS fault  NOT YOURS! 

That is the reason why I choose to make fashion on demand and on your measures or for all sizes because the clothes have to fit you, you don’t have to fit the clothes ! 

I wish you all the best stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you soon with all our fatty and happy asses.

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